SEO Contest uWelcome2019

SEO Contest uWelcome2019

Everyone loves giveaways and this is the best way to attract more people into a website. But which is the best website SEO contests in the market. In our case, we consider the uWelcome2019 contests as the best option one can take. But let’s first discuss it in details. We are an online contest professionals, there are multiple contests you can select from and earn big prizes online.

A Message from Contest Organizers

SEO Contest uWelcome2019

uWelcome2019 is a site that aims to bring in different type of contests into the SEO field. Such contest will involve the contest sweepstakes, photo contests, Essay contests, and Coupon offers. Other categories include social media contest, vote contest, video contest among many others. It also carries with it a variety of gifts to the participants such as iPad and iPhones. Such an SEO contest is what you should take part.


There is much to deal with SEO contest uWelcome2019. And this is what we shall discuss in this article. We shall look at different types of the contests that you can consider participating.

We shall also have a look at the prizes that you’re likely to win. Also, we shall have a deep look at how the SEO contest uWelcome2019 works for us and the competitors. By reading the whole article, you stand a chance to get a clear understanding about this new brand in the market.

So therefore, we recommend that you consider paying maximum attention to the discussion.

How does SEO Contest uWelcome2019 Work?

For you to get started in using this new brand there is a variety of things that you should consider. These include;Read the terms and conditions

Step by step process to participate in the contest below

Time needed: 20 days, 11 hours and 30 minutes.

Below are the steps needed to participate in this contest.

  1. Read the terms and conditions

    You need to make a close observation to the rules and regulations provided. We advise that you consider understanding all the terms and conditions before you can register. When you click on I Accept icon, it means that we are in an agreement with you. Therefore, you have no rights to condemn the services if they are within the jurisdictions. Consider the content and read throughout to make sure you understand it in the best way possible.

  2. Register with us

    The first step for you to participate in this SEO contest is to register with us. Give us the details we need and ones through which we shall contact you with if you happen to be a winner. You only need to finish your profile and you’re good to go.

  3. Setup and page or website

    The third stage will be to create a participant page, website, blog or an online store. The reason you need that is to makesure you rank for the keywords we will provide you to win the contest.

  4. Winner

    Finally, consider waiting until we select the winner. All winners get published at end months.

How to choose your contest; understand the details and the Prizes.


Now that you understand about uWelcome2019, and how it works for participants, it’s time that you consider which contest category you can participate in effectively. Choosing the best contest assures you of the best results and high possibilities to win SEO contest. Some of the types that you can consider as the best include;

Contest Sweepstakes

Many people will not easily tell what sweepstakes are in uWelcome2019. These are the easiest that you can consider taking part. You only have to enter some personal details, including your name, email and home address. With this alone, you stand a chance to win a prize with uWelcome2019. The good thing is that, they feature spaces where you can confirm your age. It also gives you an opportunity to read through the rules and regulations so that you can conform to them. Through the sweepstake, you also stand a chance to receive regular updates about our company brands.

uWelcome Vote Contests

Vote contests are among the simplest that you’ll find in the market. It only requires the participants to ask for votes from their friends and supporter on different social media platforms. The more votes you get the higher are the chances of you wining a prize. When you turn out as a winner, you stand chances to win brand related prizes. And we understand that many people claim vote contests to be a scam. For our case, it’s not a scam but a real play. So therefore, feel safe as you play this game.

uWelcome Photo Contests

Among the competitive online competitions include photo contests. Such contests will work in the best way for photographers. You have a chance to examine your abilities, and have that ultimate push to be the best photographer that everyone wants. For you to win these online competitions however, make sure to read through the instructions as written. Don’t ignore any bit. Make sure that you have the perfect sharpness that you desire. Photo contest is among the best SEO contest uWelcome2019 competition that you can consider participating.

uWelcome Essay Contests

Did you know that you can win SEO contests by writing a perfect essay? The question is where? At uWelcome2019, essay contests are possible and you can win one at the comfort of your home. Our Essay contests are full of fun and through your creativity; you stand a chance to win the best prizes. Maybe you would love to turn your creativity into a successful story, and win prizes? You should try Essay competitions with uWelcome2019.

uWelcome Video Contest

Just as the photo contests, Video contest are among the most amazing ways trough which you can take part in online SEO competitions. They are the best way that you can improve on your visual story telling abilities and keep you as a public figure. And this is what uWelcome2019 is here to offer. You can always consider it as the best way to improve your abilities. We offer a variety of video contest examples and therefore feel no problem registering with us.

uWelcome Coupon Offers Contest

If you love great deals with coupons, we are the best option that you can consider. We offer a variety of discounted offers related to uWelcome2019 brand. You only need to keep track of the offers, and once you identify one, you can claim the discount on any of our products. The coupon offers get updated in regular basis and therefore worth a try.

uWelcome Social Media Contests

As a way of engaging with our target audience, social media contest are available on uWelcome2019 website in large numbers. With social media contest, it can comprise all of the above discussed contests. That is Sweepstakes, photo contests, video, essay, and vote to win contests. It can also include others such as the like and win contests. It can also consist of the holiday contests on big holidays such as Christmas, Easter and New Year holiday. Mother’s day, father’s day and valentines is also a better option.

Possible Win Prizes

If you’re the winner, you stand a chance to win many of our prizes at uWelcome2019. Such will include;

Brand New iPhone and iPad

The first two prizes that you can win include an iPad or an iPhone. Imagine the feeling if you get yourself a free iPad tablet. Is that not amazing and fantastic for you? Why then waste this chance when you can make it a dream come true?

Ideal Discounts

Another great prize that you can earn from participating in uWelcome2019 sweep prizes contest is ideal coupon offers. You therefore enjoy discounted prizes for different products.


Contest Ticket and Availability Information:

There are a lot of unique features that associates with SEO contest uWelcome2019. The above are among the best and reasons why we are the best. Why then waste more time. Participate in different categories of our contests and you’ll not regret the decisions you consider making.

Event information:

Event name: SEO Contest uWelcome2019

Start Date: 2019-03-04T15:35

End Date: 2019-05-05T15:35

Performing Group: Shopifolk’s

Street Address: 80 Spadina, Toronto, Canada


Economy: $200
Availability: In-Stock

Classic: $300
Availability: Sold-out

Super: $500
Availability: Pre-order


What is uWelcome2019 contest.

A contest which helps SEO learn from each other.

How does it work?

Simply choose your contest type and submit your entries.

Who is eligible for this contest?

Any one own the website or blog or have a online etor where they can add things.

What happens when it’s a tie?

Both or all parties will share the first, second or third prize.

Can I participate remotely?

This is remote contest and any one with internet access or computer should be able to work on it remotely.

What not to do in this contest?

General advice for all our users is to not practice black hat as this is not allowed in this contest. If anyone found practicing black hat will be disqualified from this contest

What do you expect from SEO Context uWelcome2019

We intend to learn intensive and proven SEO techniques from the leading digital marketers and experts. Our participants for our official events are following below:

  1. Rand Fishkin from Moz
  2. Danny Sullivan
  3. John Mueller from Google

We expect from our participants to exhibit their experiences and techniques in the areas of On-site optimization and Off-site optimization. This is to determine what assets are most important in the SEO field working and not working.

What is an On-site SEO optimization?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a very common practice these days and it helps to bot only get organic traffic( traffic from search engines) but also helps in driving a lot of free sessions to your site. It is an important part of online business these days and no matter how big or small company is, they all try to optimize for it search engines. Some companies have multiple people in seo team and some companies have only one, it all depends on the type and size of the company. To understand better I have divided SEO into 2 parts, so that new participants in this seo contest are aware of what is required to win this contest.

  1. Onsite optimization
  2. Offsite optimization

Let’s discuss what is Onsite optimization and help our new contest participants start or get going with the contest. As we mentioned above this contest is for everyone and most of our participants are beginners and we have special gifts for beginners category. Please keep in mind that we access the competition based on experience and there are 3 categories to participate.

  1. Beginners category (0 to 2 years or experience in SEO)
  2. Experts category (2 to 6 years of experience in SEO)
  3. Super star category (7+ years of experience in SEO)

Following are part of onsite optimization:

1. Metadata Optimization:

Metadata consists majorly on Title and description tags.

Title tag in head

Title tags are considered the most valuable on-page attributes. It is part of tag in html. Keeping your best card at the beginning or keywords in the title tags are commonly suggested by experts. It is your choice if you choose to test this why don’t you try doing something similar. Please keep in mind that Page title is very important not only for SEO but also conversions and CTR (click through rate). It does not have to be stuffed with keywords but focus on user intention or intent is very important, it makes users click on your result and can increase CTR which is also a very important signal. But as this is test we leave that to you to decide how you want to play with it.

Meta description

Meta descriptions are very important part of the page too. In recent years it has decreased in seo value because Google and other search engines show content from the page or match the phrases from the content on the page to show that the page they are showing to user is authentic, use meta descriptions carefully. It is very important to increase the CTR as well as gives important information to your user, about your page.

Content and keyword density

It is divided into 2 sections, it is important to explain everything before you start the contest, as we said this is for participants who want to know more and what do we expect from them and if they want to win this contest

Content on the page

Content is considered as king, it is the king of all attributes of the page for rankings and optimization. Content of the page helps page rank better and help search engines assign relevant key terms to a page. There are other factors to assign a search term to a page but content is the strongest signal. We suggest to be thorough when writing a content, be very specific and relevant to the topic. Cover as much as you can, so you can rank better for multiple of relevant terms. It is recommended to understand your audience and demand for the topic, you can do this by keyword research. List down all relevant keywords and ask your writer/editor to include those terms in the content.

keyword density and Over optimization

There is very thin line between what is allowed and what is not allowed. We strongly suggest to not over optimize your content, as this can trigger automated over optimization penalty. Search engines like keywords and they associate keywords with urls but if some keywords are over optimized then you can get penalized and this type of penalty is hard to get over too. Always check your keyword density before you publish your content on the web. Remove any term repeated unnecessarily and too many times.

Internal Linking Strategy

Internal links are also considered as important part of onsite optimization. There are a number of ways you can plan or structure your internal links. It is recommended to have multiple pages in a website and have the anchors optimized for top term we want that page to rank for. Be cautions that too many links are not good for a page as well as unnecessary links will not help in rankings. Internal links are also very strong signal for SEO ranking and helps signal Bots that page is related to anchor keyword. Use its with caution as bandwidth or crawl budget is important and it can be wasted with unnecessary linking.

SEO friendly Pagination

If you are planning to have alot of posts on your category pages, be advised to use Google’s pagination guidelines when implementing pagination. There are multiple ways you implement pagination but ensure its done according to guidelines to get SEO benefits.

Refinements, Filters & Sort Options

All these three mentioned above are very important for a page, if not implemented correctly it can cause duplication issues on your site. 1 page can have 100s of duplicate pages and this can hurt your site. All these pages will start competing with each other and your competitors will benefit from that. Use canonical meta tags for filters refinements and sort options to reduce the possibility of duplicate content on your site for this test.

Microformat Implementation

We suggest to use micro-data, rich formats or on your site so that search engines can see semantic data on your website and show rich snippets on SERP against your top terms or keywords. Rich snippets can be used for FAQ, Step by Step guides, Reviews or a website knowledge graph. This is very common practice among webmasters to use semantic data or for more visibility on the google search results. Maybe you can use such schemes in this SEO contest Uwelcome 2019 and test it to see if it benefits your CTR or other signals. Investigate the most relevant micro data or rich snippet formats on your site and improve the CTR which is also known as Click Through Rate.

Organic Conversions

Other then rankings we will also judge in this contest if you are able to make your page optimize for SEO conversions. This will be measured based on the number sign ups you will receive through your website or a web page. WE strongly suggest to keep the content and offsite optimization very relevant, because if you will not keep it relevant and optimize for unrelated keywords this will cause you higher bounce rate and it will result in less conversions too.

Content Strategy

Plan your content strategy, way ahead of your actual live date, this will help you gain vs your competitors. Content structure, content topics that you will cover, content keywords that you will target, content editor or writers to streamline if you are not a writer, Structure is also divided into different parts. Plan how and what you will add to your heading, make sure H1 has the most important keywords in it. H1 is also on the top of the page not in the middle of the page and then other heading tags are available in the content below.This structure will give you a better idea of how your text should come on the page and it will be easier to communicate or get help from a freelance writer. Once you have this structure it will be easier to share with your editor and get good results from them. SEO is all about content and making sure the writing style is easier, readable, and has keywords that you are targeting is the key to success. SEO content uWelcome2019 is all about content, as there is very little time of 2 months to judge, we suggest to use this time and get your content ready asap.

Site Architecture

Site architecture is one of the most important factors for a website, your architecture will let google and other bots or crawlers skim through or crawl through your site. If your structure is not search engine friendly or bot friendly then this is going to be a problem for your site indexation. We suggest to link category pages from the navigation on top or side or where you like, but post should be linked from those pages. Make sure the posts are not on multiple pages as this can increase the risk of duplication when site grows bigger. Make sure all the posts are accessible from the category pages and category pages have good google friendly pagination. Don’t forget the bread crumbs, they are not typical crumbs they are crumbs for bots to find the way back to the mama pages. Isn’t it very fascinating that the web is based on user’s interest and for their help. Even breadcrumbs in real life helps people to find their way and they did for many many years, now we have navigation so we don’t use crumbs anymore but its still need crumbs to find the pages and they are helpful for users too.

User Agents Analysis

When a site gets bigger it has bigger or different types of problems. Some of our participants in our own SEO Contest uWelcome2019 might not have experience with the bigger sites, but since this is an educational contest we would like to educate our users about things of future that they will learn from our experience. When sites get bigger they have bigger problems, not when you have your eyes on your stuff. User agents like spammers or duplicators can pick your stuff before search engines get to it. This is a very common problem, specially when site is new or small. So to make sure your content is live we suggest to any new content you publish fetch it through Google console so that it lets google bot know that there is a new page or link it from high authority page, or you can post it on social media. But if you are victim on this duplicate content because spammer has stolen your content and they are ranking better than you on the serps then you need to make sure to block such spammers. There are a number of ways to do that. 1 most effective way of blocking them is to read through your log files / server log files and ban any user agent other than google or important bots.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

As a contest participant you are allowed to test as many techniques as you can. Accelerated Mobile Pages is one of the common techniques for bloggers or publishers, we want to make sure that you know your limitations and what you can do or you can not do. This AMP pages are recognized by Google sites and other media which is very important for traffic. They are very light to load and have minimum content on them which makes them load faster then other pages on a steal, the faster the page will load the faster the user will get to know what’s on the page. This is important for search engines too land their user to a page which will help them and not disappoint them. This means they will stay on the page and like the information and their trust on Google will also increase and they will probably come back again. We also encourage to use AMP or other new technologies to test your skills and see how works and what does not work. This will give you confidence and evidence to apply these practices in future to your clients websites, You will be confident in taking the project and must for reliable when you will share your experience data.

Responsive design & Mobile sites

Since the usability and user experience is a top priority for search engines, due to different sizes of mobile, tablet and desktop screens. It is recommended to have a responsive design website. Before that all sites use to have a mobile site and it lacked in many ways, then responsive design was introduced so that the usability is not compromised. Another problem if having 2 or 3 different sites for same band was tracking, it was not easy to track sessions and conversion from cross platform. Responsive design is a strong ranking signal and in fact Google now can indicate if there are usability issues for webmasters. We strongly recommend to all our participants to use responsive design as this is a standard nowadays. This will help you gain high rankings and visibility quickly on search engine result pages. If you want to test and use the non responsive design you might not be able to beat your competitors and might never rank on top. Google can now read java scripts and css which makes them understand if a website is smart and responsive and bot can navigate around the mobile sites the same way it can on desktop version. Another reason why responsive design is a top priority because bots use to have 2 different sites and it was causing duplication issues. But the strongest reason of responsive design is the usage of mobile devices, in 2018 mobile traffic passed the desktop users and now mobile has more search then desktop. Means There are now more searches done on mobile compared to desktop, this is due to ease of use on mobile devices. Google has also changed they bots to mobile first to ensure Google users have the best experience and results which are easily nevigateable and readable on mobile devices. Our contest seo uwelcome2019 is all about testing latest trends and we recommended to choose responsive design and keep mobile as your first priority.

Image Optimization

Its is highly recommended that all the images are search engine friendly and this is how you can win the contest. Making an image SEO contest friendly is very easy but you might require the help of a designer or you can do it yourself with very minimum design skills. If you don’t have skills to optimize an image maybe this is a good time to learn how to do that for future use. This will definitely come in handy if you learn this skill. First of all making an image load faster is first part of optimization. You can open a an image in Adobe or any similar tool and reduce the quality so it s weight is smaller than the original and it’s easy to load on desktop as well as on mobile devices. As we are all aware that mobile data plans are expensive and we want to make sure our users or visitors do not spend all they data on loading our website or images. 72 quality is recommended for images and JPEG format is web suitable format for images. Now the 2nd things which makes an image readable by bots is Alt tags and captions. Make sure you add ALT tags for each image you include in your page or website and give its proper caption. Sorry last but not least we missed another step in the middle. Which is renaming the image, rename the image based on its type if an image is for SEO make sure you rename it to seo contest uwelcome2019 so that it is optimized for your blog and you can have image search visitors on your site. Wasn’t it easy and simple? Lets get behind other things below now.

Video optimization and usage on your website

Videos are the best way to keep your visitors on your site, not all visitors are interested in reading the text on a blog or website, sometimes videos can help to make users stay on your website longer. Its is very easy nowadays to shoot a video, we recommend to keep video less than 1 min and be very specific to what your services or contest is about. Keeping it short will not help keeping visitors stay on your site but it will also load faster and will not eat up users data plans. One you make a or shoot a video from your phone, send it to your machine and load it to your website. Make sure to add video schema markup on your videos all of them so that they are visible on google search engine result pages as a preview, a lot of sessions and visitors look for videos and then goto a page or website, in that case with rich snippet or markup it will be visible and highlighted on serps. This is a very good way of promoting your website and increase the click through rate. Videos markups are not easy so there are a lot of video markup generators available where you upload your video url and they generate the code for you, all you have to do it to copy and past the code on the block you want to show you a video to your audience. For example you can check our implementation above and use the schema from there. This SEO contest uwelcome2019 will definitely help you learn a lot of new things which will help you in future. After adding video to your site you can use the same video for branding and social signals and share it on your social media accounts or video streaming services like youtube. This can bring extra sessions on your site and help you promote your contest.

URL structure on your website

Now that we have covered most of the important on page optimization attributes. We have another important part of your website. URL structure is very important part of any website or a page, having topic name in the url or most relevant topic of the page as url to set is also very important part of on-site optimization. It is recommended to have for all pages, posts, categories or page name. This helps in rankings and visibility. It appears in the google search results and gives users a good understanding about what they should expect on that page. We recommend to not neglect that and make sure the urls are properly done before publishing any content on your site. There is a very thin line between optimization and stuffing of keywords on the page. Make sure its not over optimized, short but very precise about the topic of the age. There is no length to follow but a reasonable length or few words is good to go with.

Regular sitemaps and Multilingual Sitemap

sitemaps are very important for all websites. Make sure you have a site map of all your live pages, this includes posts, pages, categories and all the pages that you want to see indexed on Google. Sitemaps can be added on the site in xml format and rss. Then you need to add to your Google Webmaster tools which is also known as Google console now. It give you fair picture of how many pages you submitted are indexed and what are not indexed yet. Sitemaps are very important for all the media files like images and videos too on your site.. This ensures everything important which is commonly searched on the web is available and indexed properly, so users can access them according to their choice of search. There are plenty of plugins for wordpress and other cms to generate sitemaps. Or you can use an online sitemap generator to make a sitemap. Another way to make a site map is site crawlers. Screaming frog is a crawler or a spider, which crawl through your website and find all the pages, which also has a functionality to create sitemaps for all the 200 stats code pages. Simple isn’t it? We want to make sure this information is helpful for all contestants, specially for our beginners .. so they can learn and practice and see how far they can compete with experts in this contest. A very good way of implementing SEO strategy with step by step guide in this SEO contest uwelcome2019.

Offsite optimization

Introduction to Google console or previously known as Google Webmaster Tools

In this part we will give some insights on google webmaster tools or GWMT. This tool is for webmasters to see how google bot and google is treating your website, what is working great and what i conflicting. First step is to authenticate your website to ensure google that you’re right owner of the website. There are multiple ways to authenticate the website and you can choose, suitable to you. Most common way is to have a meta tag place in your html head tag and it works all the time. After you authenticate give it a week so google can collect all the data about your site. It shows all the search terms you rank for or high clicks on . All the urls impressions and click. Sitemaps, bot status on indexation, error like 404 or 301 on your site. Any manual action on your site or malware problems. There are plenty of features in Google console to access your site and it helps you to make your its better to rank on google search engine. We recommend to make an account there and this will show you everything problems and success for your website.

W3C Code Analysis

W3c is a tool where you can check if you have any code errors on your page, this information is not available on the console but only on W3C analysis tool. We recommend to run the roll on your site too, to make sure all the code is right and it will help your site more readable for bots. It only checks html and css errors or any code errors on our site or page. Highly recommended to run through your site to ensure you are checking everything and you are on top of everything about your website. To win the contest you must not neglect any thing. Every little helps :)

Speed Test Analysis

It is recommended that you test the speed of your site and each page to ensure it is according to google’s guidelines. Speed test shows you what components of the site are conflicting and it shows you how to fix them. Page load time is very important as this will help load your site faster. Fast websites give good signals to Google that they will not hurt the uses and they data will not be wasted to wait too long. If site or a page take too long to load user leave the site and search again on google his means your site will have higher bounce rate. Higher bounce rate means google will not give you priority on the SERP. Make Sure site is loaded fast and whatever the problem is fix it to makes it loads faster than the other sites. Page load time is very important ranking factor and this helps google to priorities your site compared to your competition. In this seo contest uwelcome2019 we also made sure that you know every single detail so you can implement the right practices. To win this competition this page speed or site speed will help you beat your competitors.

Quality Link Building

Link building is also very important factor for a website. Make sure you don’t go against the google or search engines guidelines of links. Each link will work as a vote for your site from other sites that your site is recommended. May spammy links can hurt your site and you can lose the rankings. It can also cause a manual penalty which has its own complications and it’s hard to remove the penalty. It’s very tiring and long process. We recommend to not engage your site with bad practices because it can harm or hurt your business. Link building should be organic and your site should impress other people so that they link to you based on the quality of your content and not for ranking purposes. Small mistake can lead to a loss of earnings for you. In this contest we recommend to only practice white hat seo and not do any grey or black hat. If we found you’re engage in black hat SEO, you will be disqualified from this contest and we will check each and every site while assessing the winner. To please please make sure not to engage yourself with such practices and only do good white hat SEO.

Brand Awareness

Branding of your business is one of the most important factors and this can be done with digital marketing techniques. This includes social branding, paid branding, social paid branding or off site/ print media branding. Branding will allow you site to start ranking for your unique brand. Showcasing your services and business will help user to use your services without any hesitation. Branding is very common practice for all business and doing it online on other websites or social media sites are very effective. Our SEO contest uwelcome2019 is also a brand and we make sure our followers on major social media channels are aware of what services we are providing. We are very cautious about or brand and want to make sure we only do positive branding, any negative move can jeopardize your brand. This will cause loss in trust and traffic to your site. All the services you provide are well managed and structured. As well as all correct and beneficial for users. Also ensure you have a good customer service so that your users can become your brand ambassadors and recommend your business to their friends and family. We marketed this seo contest uwelcome2019 on different social media networks as well as video streaming networks. This helps us to target users on other channels and not only organic traffic from search engines.

Competitor Analysis

Learning about your competitions will most of the time help you fix your site and give you ideas on what else you can do better to your business. We suggest to keep an eye on your competition so that you can achieve success. It is good to learn from your competitors too and you can make your website or business better. This brings a lot of value in terms of making your website better. Do a neat analysis on your competitors and learn from their good practices. This contest is all about learning and sharing the best practices, sometimes its good to learn from your competition and appreciate that too. Make sure you reference anything you pick from your competitors so that they are not offended. By doing this you can help them and appreciate their work which will give good value to your business too.

Robots.txt Implementation

To see how you are doing on google search engines it’s good to analyse your website on search results. In many cases we miss many things and by surfing our website on google you can see something what’s going on wrong on your website. Some pages that are not important but they are indexed, you can tell google to not index them. Robots.txt is a file which sits in the root and it gives permissions to all the friendly bots like Google bot. When we talk about permissions we actually tell the bot which content they are allowed to crawl and index and which content they should not crawl or index. This saves bandwidth for your site and channel the bot to right pages. As well as sometimes you want them to not crawl on sensitive information which you did not intended to share on the world wide web. You can allow or disallow the pages access from bots. By adding a disallow rule for the pages you want to hide from bots. Make sere your site has a robots.txt file and is it updated. Or update the file as needed. This will save you alot of time and save the crawl budget too which will be channeled or used on important pages only.

By the end of this reading we hope that you are well aware of what is needed in this contest and what you can do on your website for qualify in the contest. We wish you good luck and looking forward to see you as our winner.

We will post our weekly updates for SEO Contest uWelcome2019 below

It’s been a month or midway to Seo Contest uWelcome2019. There has been a lot of progress or ups and downs in the contest. I would like you take some time and share the experiences of our top 10 participants in this contest. This will help you to run your contest and to implement some legit best practices, seen my our top professionals. Things not to repeat to run or when participating in an seo contest and things which are must to do in the contest. Our top things and lowest priority things are separate but we should talk about the most important bits to start and go down to the low priority bits.

In the first week we saw contestants with quick google console authentication got indexed quicker then any one in the contest. It is important to sign up for webmaster tools so Google knows that you are here and index you quickly. There are 2 things to keep in mind when authenticating. Fetch all your pages along with homepage and then get a link to those pages with your keyword that you want these pages to rank for. This implementation saw very strong good results.

In the 2nd week we saw users with https start to out rank others, this is a clear indication that https has the strongest or top importance for Google, they want to make sure only secure sites where their users will be secure or if they used online transaction will be most secured. This shows how Google is very cautious about their users privacy and security. This should be your top priority as well, the whole web is based on trust and security. A website or store owner should make sure the security of their users is a top priority as they trust you and want to be secured for future business.

In the third week most our contestants learn from this and we saw most of the results were changing into https, which is a good sign but this also means that the first people who switched to secure hypertext transfer protocol were the ones got top rankings. Some links from external partners also helped them to climb the rankings and stayed on top of most contestants.

In the fourth week which is also our mid point of the contest, we saw some shuffles in the search results. Most of the contestants now have links to partner sites and some link building done by most of the participants. This actually added a lot of noise in rankings. We saw a lot of spam on top rankings compare to our main contest participants. This is because partner sites where they got links from where older and had good history or domain authority. This signaled Google and other bots that they are better sites then the actual contestants. The top rankings there were Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other partner sites. But this does not make them win the contest, only top participant site or site which is part of contest will win based on their position. We know why participants wanted to have social accounts, social signals also help the brand grow and its great for branding. But in our case it started to outrank the participants and caused a lot of participants disappear from the top 50 index. As we know our contestant keyword is “SEO contest uWelcome2019” and prize or winners will be selected when their listed site with us will out rank all the participants in the contest. Well then this being said we expect a lot of friction in the next few weeks. A Lot will change in a few weeks, all the participants websites will have some history, contest, links and relevance which should make their sites rank for our given keyword “SEO Contest uWelcome2019”. This is it for our mid contest commentary and we wish all our participants great luck. We hope there efforts are working and if not working everyone is learning from the contest which is great.

Now after the closing statement we would also like to give a free giveaway of the most important tip to our participants.

Tip: After reviewing top 10 participants which are leading the contest they all have few things in common and we want to highlight those to our lower ranked gladiators. To ensure they learn from this and see how far they can go with these good freebies. First of all Get a link from top Domain authority websites, this could be a guest post, now the question is how to check domain authority? We suggest to do a competitive analysis of top ranking participants and see where they are getting links from and try to get yourself a links from those sources. Also keep in mind that when you get a link the SERPs fluctuates a lot and it takes time to adjust. So We suggest to not do a lot of link acquisition near the closure and get them ASAP and let them stabilize of let the dirt sit so you can see properly in the dark. I hope this helps .. Goodluck, Until next time. See you guys in 3 weeks on the conclusion of the contest.

Final biweekly update. 17 April 2019

We have now entered into our very crucial and final stages por phase of this SEO Contest uWelcome2019. We are very delighted to broadcast that all of our participants are now rankings better than spam link site or social media sites. This being said we are now doing an amazing job in ranking for our given keywords. This is a huge success and we would like to congratulate all our participants for it. This has been a long but not too long contest and now we are close to what we were expecting from this. Lots of ups and downs were seen throughout the contest and we have seen people moving up on top and going down to bottom on the search results.

This has been a real battle ground and lots of learning for everyone. In our last episode of updates. As  we shared our findings 2 weeks ago, we will again shed some light to progress made after 2 weeks and share the information with all our participants.

Most interesting thing that we noticed is a few participants changed they wordpress theme or template, this caused them some pain in terms of rankings drops. They probably did that to boost the speed of their site or maybe user experience, but seems like it back triggered. There could be a lot of reasons but what we have seen in the past is when you change code it also affects your rankings for some time because bots save the data to their databases and show the results and when you change code its an architecture change for them, they have to review the new code and then test it through serp rankings and then may be at some point stabilize the rankings back again. It’s a good idea if you want to improve the rankings for speed or usability for your site but the important thing is timing. Contest is only 2 weeks ahead and making fundamental changes can harm the rankings, it’s good for long term and for long run but maybe not very good idea when contest deadlines are very close :) well anyways we still have a week and let’s see how it goes.

Other things we noticed that a lot of contestants have been making offsite SEO changes with more links and social signals. Thi can also make a friction and can fluctuate the rankings, google takes time to assign you certain rankings and it is very crucial that when you make them and timing again for this SEO Contest uWelcome2019 is very important. Some participants lost rankings due to more links, although links were legit but it did fluctuated the results. Not great move but as we said before there is another week to access that. Good luck

This all for this week, stay tuned for our next update. On Fanale