How to run a contest on Facebook

Time needed: 10 days, 20 hours and 30 minutes.

Facebook Contests are basically to increase your reach and for successful social media campaigns. Not only this, they facilitate you to achieve a number of other goals like increasing your customers, finding new followers for your social media pages, keep the existing customers engaged towards your activities and increase you overall reach. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms available to users at the moment and that is why it a good bet to support contests. Facebook has been around for far more time than other apps and this also serves to its advantage. If you are going to give your first giveaway then Facebook is a safer bet. Follow this guide to know all about Facebook contests and how to run them.

  1. Decide the goal of the Facebook Contest:

    Every marketing activity has a specific goal which it strives to achieve, and this is the same case with the Facebook contests. It should also have a goal. Decide beforehand about what goals you want to achieve with this contest. Some examples of what Facebook contest goals include are:
    • Collecting the email addresses of everyone who is taking part in the contest as this is also the lead strategy in any marketing activity.
    • You could offer discount codes and vouchers to the participants of the contest to attract new customers and bring them towards your company.
    • You could ask the participants to like and follow all of your social media pages which would result in increased following and potential new customers.
    • Promotion of a sale your company is offering could be another goal towards the contest like we did on SEO Contest uWelcome2019. Facebook contest uWelcome2019 target

  2. Determine the Contest Prize:

    The next step after you choose the goal is to determine the prize of the contest. A good prize would attract more people and potential customers so make sure to allocate enough amount for the prize. Investing in a prize is a good step and by no means unnecessary because you will receive the investment in return generated due to the contest. The prize you choose should be relevant to the general customers and to your company business. Offering a non-relevant prize will surely generate audience but it would be of no use to you as many people who take part in the contest would have no interest in your business. Offering something from your business like one of your products would attract customers interested in your business. Giving away some of your products or services for free is also an option and a good one.

  3. Identify Contest Entry method:

    You need to set different requirements and instructions for the participants depending on what type of people or age group you want to target for your contest. You may ask the participants to share a photo, tag their friend on the original post, create a Facebook status mentioning the company in it, like your company’s social media pages and share the post on their wall and among their friends. Inviting others could also be a good entry method for the participants as more people would come to know about this. Make it short so that the participants don’t get frustrated and try to make it as clear as possible to avoid any confusion.

  4. Make Sure You Can Contact the Winner:

    After the contest has ended and the winner has been selected, contacting him would be your next step to give him the prize. As you would have the email of the winner which he entered to participate in the contest as an entry method, you can contact the winner formally and provide him with further details. Contacting the winner by their Facebook profiles is another choice but this seems informal.

  5. Create the Contest or Giveaway Post:

    For your contest, what is it about and what the person can win, you need to inform people using a post. You have to make it attractive and appealing for the people and should use different software for this purpose. Add details in the image caption and pin it to your social media page so that it stays on top of it. While you are setting up your contest, one thing to make sure is that your contest follows all rules and does not violate any of the Facebook rules. Make sure to add every detail about what can be won, how can one enter the contest, the instructions and who can participate, how the winner will be selected and when the result will be announced. This particular post can be long as much of the information related to the contest has to be covered.

  6. Promote the Facebook Contest or Giveaway:

    Promotion of the Facebook Contest or Giveaway is the next step and one of the most important ones. You have to make sure that enough people get to know about this and can participate. There are some ways to do it like using the all-important social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook and to inform your users. There is a good chance that many of the users use multiple social media apps. You could also write a blog about it on your page describing the whole process, the prize and the rules. Motivate the people to participate in it. You could also create a video explaining the Facebook contest. Creating a random hashtag is another way to promote the contest. Make sure to send emails to all of your subscribers to sign up for the contest.

  7. Choose the Contest Winner:

    After your contest has come to an end, selecting a winner is the next step. You could either choose a random winner from all of the participants or select using certain procedure. Most of the Facebook contests pick a random winner because it is impartial. Any tool can be used to randomly select a name. But if your contest was a competition of any sort like a photo or video competition you need to select the winner carefully and could nominate certain judges for it and explain the decision of choosing someone as winner as the other participants could cry foul.

When the contest has come to an end and the winner is selected create a thank you post thanking all the participants. The main thing is to invite them back to check your products and services which was the main purpose of it all.

A Facebook contest is a great idea and there is no reason why you should not create one