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The 2018 Photo Contest

The SEO Contest uWelcome2019 photo Contest.

The popularity of the photo contests have only increased in the past few years as the quality of smartphone cameras have increased. Photo contests is an absolute must after the growth of mobile internet traffic. A great deal has also changed for the online landscape as well.

Contagious, viral and liquid like are the words which can be used for the content which moves around on the internet these days. The one thing which moves around the most, which has high sharing and is the fastest moving media category in social media are photos. They are not as before when pictures we took used to stuck in drawers and glued in our albums. Now a days they flow. A few decades ago, people needed to have expensive cameras and then wait for the complicated processing to develop them from the nearby camera shop after the joyful summer holidays. But now we put our hand in our pocket, take out our mobile phones, snap some pictures and share it on all our social media sites.

Photo Contests are among the most engaging and viral campaigns one can run. The participants participate by submitting their pictures and the fans participate by voting. The entries are actively promoted by the participants to their friend which ultimately promotes your campaign and brand for you. The participation may be reduced because of the level of engagement required from the participants for choosing their best picture and uploading it. This will also require more time and attention from your side as you will have to review each photo if it follows the specific guidelines you have placed. This may also not be the best campaign if you want to reach a large number of audience.

The photo contest is advantageous in such a way that an in-depth brand experience is provided to the participants. You will also find potential new customers for your brand from the people who only come to vote. You have to make it a fun and memorable experience for people to remember your brand.

Another thing for you to make sure is that your photo contest fits the audience. If your audience consists of sports enthusiasts, artists, scrap bookers and photographers then this is the ideal audience. Creativity can still produce wonderful results if the audience does not fit the description.

Protecting yourself from cheats is also important as this is the contest where participants seek vote from their friends to increase their ranking. User generated content on your page should be monitored closely. For this, also make sure that you do not award prized on the basis of votes. Make it a jury selection where the jury selects the winner and 2nd, 3rd prizes from the photos with most votes. Also make sure that you limit the votes one can give daily to only one and ban the ones cheating. Make sure you have stated all the rules beforehand. Like Seo Contest uWelcome2019 has shown in example.

The next thing is to choose the prizes carefully and make them attractive. It should interest participants who are already your customers. Choosing the right prize is important and also your guard against cheaters and opportunists.

The last important thing is to properly promote your photo contest among social media platforms, where your current fans will also become handy. Make sure to keep your website and social media pages updated.

So what are you waiting for? Create your own Photo Contest and make it successful.

Time needed: 20 days, 20 hours and 30 minutes.

How does Photo Contest uWelcome2019 Work?

  1. Register with us

    The first step for you to participate in this SEO contest is to register with us. Give us the details we need and ones through which we shall contact you with if you happen to be a winner. You only need to finish your profile and you’re good to go.

  2. Setup and page or website with slideshow

    The third stage will be to create a participant page, website, blog or an online store. The reason you need that is to makesure you rank for the keywords we will provide you to win the contest.

  3. Final decision/results

    Finally, consider waiting until we select the winner. All winners get published at end months.

What is uWelcome2019 photo contest.

A contest which helps SEO learn from each other.

How does it work?

Simply choose your contest type and submit your entries.

Who is eligible for this contest?

Any one own the website or blog or have a online etor where they can add things.