Social Media Contest

Nothing beats the customer than a giveaway and a social media contest. Its excites fans of the brand and if done the right way, it encourages them to share and spread it among their friends as well which will ultimately help the host of the contest and surely the fans too.

A social media contest is simple, the company or the brand or a social media page will give something valuable to their fans and in return you have to engage and connect in different social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Many companies organize social media and SEO contest uWelcome2019 on a regular basis and many people take part in it and have fun and win different prizes. The main aim is to give the audience a quality time. When the companies organize a giveaway the terms of it are really simple. Most of the companies ask their fans to follow their page on Facebook or twitter or comment or tweet about it on your own Facebook profile. They could also ask you to subscribe to their mailing list or ask you to tag any five of your friends on the social media contest page.

Some of the other companies might go for a little more interaction with their fans asking them to post a response for taking part in the contest on their social media profile with tags related to the company or post a response on YouTube. They may also think of a fun way to engage with their fans asking them to sing a cover which most probably would be a classic song or a popular trend going on social media. They could also ask you to record a dance video if they relate to that part of the field. There are different types of methods of how the companies, brands or pages could interact and engage you with them but they sure are easy to do tasks and when the prize is being offered, this is something of a good deal too.

The next step is the prize giving by the particular brand and in this too different methods are used. For one, the company could build a giveaway machine like a rafflecopter which has a number of social media action button built in for the engagement by the fans. The companies make a dedicated entry page with the ‘enter here to win prize’ at the top of the page.

The giveaways are usually run for approximately 30 days to ensure maximum participation of the fans. Making it shorter minimizes the window of the fans knowing and participating it in. All you need is to spread the word of the giveaway contest to take part in it. The companies spend a lot of money on promotion of the event and the chances are that you will get to know of it either on your own social media profile or the companies page of even your friend could tag you in the specific post taking part in the contest himself.

The prizes of the giveaway are different and depends on the company approach. The companies try to select a prize most relevant to their audience so get ready for a good one if you win it. Some companies offer variety of prizes to many customers but some go for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. The prize could range from a mobile phone, tablet, free subscription of their website for some time or their free merchandise. Whatever the prize is, it is a win –win situation for you and your friends so what are you waiting for. Don’t waste time reading this sentence and go take part in your favorite company’s giveaway and win prizes